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Kind'a off-topic, kind'a not

This one I talked about in "Anything goes" sub-forum.

It's kind'a off-topic because it isn't GL forum related.
However, it's still kind'a on topic because it's blog and art related.

It's about my cousin's blog.  Well I created the blog for her since she'd rather  spend her time doing art.  I do Christmas gift exchanges, but it just happens to be around Christmas so I consider it a Christmas present.

What I did was I consolidated all her artworks that she posted to Instagram, Facebook page and her personal Facebook's "artistic" album.  It's so all her art can reside in one spot.

On the blog, I made counters that are live from Instagram follows and Facebook page follows.  I am very happy with this feature. Also, another feature is the ability to rate each post (artwork) using a 5-star-rating system.  It's a way for those who'd like to stay anonymous to voice an opinion.

It took me about 2 days to complete as I had to do a lot of cutting and pasting.  There are 118 artworks right now.

So if you're up for it check out the blog, give some ratings/comments. The blog can be found here.  If you're interested in following to see her new artworks as she does them, give her a follow on Instagram or Facebook. Or better yet, follow the blog by email (located on the right sidebar of blog).  If you follow by email, you'll only receive an email for the day if there are new posts for that day so it's good in that you won't receive 10 emails if there are 10 posts.

Here's a sample of her art.  It's just a sample, but she does other paintings as well using watercolor or acrylic as well.

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