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Grade-school art

I remember in Elementary school, my math teacher would tell us, as part of a fun project to draw lines and divide them up into equal parts and then join them to get cool looking criss-cross patterns.

So I wrote a plug-in that does that (the criss-crossing part). You'll just have to draw 2 lines on 2 separate vectors.

The Plug-in can be found here --> Lined Paths Plug-in.

Here's a sample of what the plug-in can create:
example 1 - 2 circular paths
example 2 - 2 circular paths (with one flipped horizontally)
example 3 - 2 circular paths (with one flipped horizontally and vertically)
example 3 - 2 ciruclar paths (with one slightly rotated)
example 4 - 2 lines going in opposite directions
another sample of what you can create with this plug-in:


  1. Tin, I think you should present some of your childhood art that we all liked so much!

    1. I don't have any childhood art kept anymore other than those watercolours (including the koala bear that you liked and manipulated with).

  2. I just wanted to note that some fantastic and intricate designs have been made by several members using Tin's Lined paths script. This little script started much activity (esp. OMG) doing designs. It is a great thing to check out!