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Some reviews of gimplearn forum

This is a gimplearn promotion post.
Here are some reviews that members and guests had to say:

Distressed Rubber Stamp Plug-in

A member was asking how to create distressed rubber stamp look.

So I thought it would be fun to create a plug-in to quickly generate stamp.

You can get the plug-in here -> Distressed Rubber Stamp Plug-in

Here's a sample of the result being used as a brush:

Perspective Border Plug-in

This plug-in was created and came to me when I was pondering what other ways I can make border after creating Sample Color Border plug-in.

This plug-in simply uses your image mirror or not and perspective transform the image to fit as each border (top/bottom/right/left).

You can get the plug-in here --> Perspective Border Plug-in.

Here's a sample result:

Sample Border Color Plug-in

I just created a plug-in that'll sample a specified number of colors from your image and create a border/frame for your image.

It's nice because the color theme matches (resembles your image).

You can access the plug-in here --> Sample Color Border Plug-in

Here's a sample of what the plug-in can create: