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How We Get 451,890 Pageviews Per Month

This post is losely modelled after the HOTH's post: https://www.thehoth.com/blog/pageviews/

Since we're not a blog like the HOTH or provide sales service like the HOTH we thought we also should share how we get similar numbers of traffic.

In reality, we actually get more traffic towards the end of a period of 32 months because the first 12 months didn't get much traffic and our number is based on a 32-month average.

We just started a forum that we know we could create/add content for such as GIMP plug-ins/scripts.

We knew our members would actively try to answer questions related to GIMP since they're all GIMP users and combined they had years and years of experience.

We also opened up a "Script Request" forum for anyone to request scripts/plug-ins to be written to automate a commonly used process.  Some users only show up once or twice to request something to be done then disappear forever but we don't mind because that content is still there and available for future users.

Alone, we could never come up with such variety of content, but with members contributing such as asking questions (GIMP-related) and sharing their knowledge, our content grew steadily over time.

We would create new scripts/plug-ins and share them at an already popular site (gimpchat.com) to get some initial traffic of their existing members and guest visitors.

Now, we have some members and some are very active which is great.

Once the active members are on our forum, the content keeps going steadily as their content attract new members and the activities are non-stop.

By initially investing some time in creating some useful scripts/plug-ins, free for members to use, we have provided some starting value.  And as members join, they add more value to the forum and that's how the value of our forum keeps increasing over time and that is the story of how we get nearly half a million page views per month.

I hope you enjoyed the above read.