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GIMP Learn forum's blog is dedicated for blog posts about GIMP Learn's forum's Plug-ins/Scripts, Member's Activities, and any other thing worth mentioning at GIMP Learn Forum.

At GIMP Learn forum, we (I) volunteer to write scripts/plug-ins for member's script/plug-in requests.

We share custom fonts in GIMP.

We share our script's results, artworks.

We chat about GIMP and sometimes even non-GIMP related topics in "Anything goes" subforum.

We sometimes also hold contests/challenges for fun.

This blog is to document all of that as we go.

There's a link from https://gimplearn.net (on top right of our forum) that links to this blog... and of course, from this blog you can click on GIMP Learn forum link (on top right of this blog) to get to our forum.  Or you can also click on one of the member's featured works to go to that specific post on our forum.

Enjoy your stay.

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